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How can I, how can I give you all my love, baby
Hormones racing at the speed of light but that don't mean it's gotta be tonight
There is no right, there's no wrong, you only see what you want
And you're left out all alone, wondering where did they all go?
Yo no quiero ser otra en tu lista o en to coleccion
Long as that floating feeling I get in the moment makes it really worth it
Somehow you're always waiting with your open arms to catch me
But I realized big brown eyes can hypnotize when he says
I don't know the time, it could be day it could be night
This ain't no place to be if you're planning on being a star
And what you thought was your best decision just became your worst mistake
A hurry-up affair, I always give the air
Is this really me, ha! in the mirror I see?
The sun will always shine and tomorrow we might wake on the other side
I want a white Christmas so let it snow
It's explosive, speakers are pumping
We can get nasty, naughty, all night a private party
They say if you love something let it go, if it comes back it's yours
I was made that way, I can't help it
All I need to know is whose place and let’s get walking
Want you to tell me you need it I wanna hear it repeated
Your love is pulling like a rubber band
I turn up the radio and I'm feeling like I've never felt before
Do you like it naughty, do you like it nice?
Every step I take, leads to one mistake
Who is that girl I see staring straight back at me?
I guess now I get why they say love is a dangerous game
Tonight I want to get so wild and exotic
I heard you're going round playing the victim now
I am the future, put it on you like a hurricane
You better cross the line, I'm gonna love you right
He's a one stop, gotcha hot, making all the panties drop
Can you imagine what would happen if I let you close enough to touch?
Throw down your weapons, your weapons, your weapons
I'm normally in the corner just standing
I never felt so free and yet so dangerous
You're the kinda guy, a girl finds in a blue moon
Sometimes I just wanna hide 'cause it's you I miss
Love me or leave me, just take it or leave it
Boy I couldn't care less what you do with your time

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