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QUIZ: Can you guess right on WW2 facts?

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What started WW2?
What was German Regime's Name
What was the Japanese Regime's Name
What event killed the Jews
What was the name of the enemy's power
What side was the United States
Who was the leader of the Nazi
What was the Italian Regime's Name
Who was the leader of Italian's Campaign
Who was the leader of Japanese's army
What battle started WW2
What was the Russian's Empire
Who was the leader of the Soviet
What battle involved the Soviet
How did United States enter?
What battle involved the Pacific
What battles primary happen in Europe
Hint Answer
What U.S President declared war
Who is the Prime Minister of England
What battle involved Nazi and England
Who is U.S Vice President
What battle was the turning point?
The series of attack by Soviet
The name of African American Soldiers?
What is the Italy's Holocaust
What was the famous uprising
What was the Soviet Union's Massacre
What was the final battle of the Nazi
What caused the Japanese to surrender
How did the war ended in Eastern Front
What was WW2's Turning Point
What day is celebrated after the war
Who drops the bomb

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