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Can you name the answers to the Trivia from the 'False Prince' by Jennifer Nielson?

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What country is this story based in?
Who is the king of the previous country?
What country is the major enemy of Number 1?
Who is the main character?
What is he?
What regent picks him up off the street
Name the three other orphans picked up?*
What is the name of the servants of the regent from number 6?*
Which one of the orphans is killed before reaching the destination?
What is the destination?
Who did the regent (from 6) want the orphans to impersonate?
What is the name of the servant of the main character?
Which orphan joins forces with the main character?
Who was chosen to impersonate the prince first?
Who was chosen to be the prince after preforming a stage trick that the prince always did?
What was the stage trick?
Which of the regents servants (from 8) supports the main character?
Who was the maidservant who accompanied the group to the capital?
Which two characters tried to kill the main character in order to get the throne?*
Did the main character become king?

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