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Can You Answer the Trivia Questions From POTC: Curse of the Black Pearl?

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Question Answer
What is the name of the port Jack arrives at in the beginning of the movie?
What name is Jack given by the harbormaster?
What is the name of Commodore Norrington's lieutenant?
Name one of the pirates that find Jack in a cell.
What is the nautical term for stealing a ship?
What is the first ship taken by Jack and Will?
What is the second ship taken by Jack and Will?
Name one of the prostitutes than slapped jack.
With which animals did Jack and Will find Gibbs?
What is Gibbs' first name?
What is the name is the woman from whom Jack stole a ship.
What type of monkey is Jack (that is, Barbossa's pet)?
What is Barbossa's favorite fruit?
Question Answer
What mysterious island is the destination of all parties?
How many pieces of Aztec gold are there?
What did Will steal as he escaped with Elizabeth from the island?
Who did Jack claim came up with 'parley'?
What essential piece of equipment did Will keep from being thrown overboard?
What type of clothing did Pintel threaten to turn people's guts into if they said 'parley'?
Name one of the two poor negotiators in this film?
How high was the smoke column that Elizabeth sent up by burning the rum?
What body part did Governor Swann break off of a pirate?
What did Elizabeth and company use to kill the pirates on the Black Pearl?
How many crimes was Jack being charged for?
What will the hangman get for hanging Will and Jack?

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