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Name a part of an atom
What is the capital of Belarus?
Who was the most famous actress of the Friends cast when it premiered?
The assasination of which president made Chester Arthur, President of the United States?
What is the tiny strait between Spain and Morocco called?
What is the name of Queen Victoria's third son?
Which actor on Modern Family is gay?full name
What is the first name of President Coin, from the Hungers Games trilogy?
What is the name of Ron Weasley's and Hermione Granger's son?
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Who was the first Romanov tsar of Russia?
What is the name of Snow White's sister in the original Grimm fairy tale?
What is the only country in Africa to have Spanish as its official language?
Name a category of sedimentary rocks.
What quantities of numbers are used in ISBNs?example answer: 5,7
Which company tried to steal M&M's recipe in 1980?it's a candy company
Who did William the Conqueror fight at the Battle of Hastings?
What is the only even prime number?spell it please
What was the name of the project to create an atomic bomb?

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