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Forced Order
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What is Bart's middle name?
Which television show has an episode named 'The Simpsons did it!'
What is sideshow Bob's brother called?
Who sits next to Lisa in School?
Otto is replaced by who on Homers bowling team?
Who sells Bart firecrackers at the indian casino?
What is furious D?
How do the chefs of Springfield attempt to kill Homer?
Whats it the name of the first Simpsons episode?
What does Ned drink whilst in Vegas with Homer?
Which character does Ben Stiller Voice?
Name the character voiced by Albert Brookes
What alcohol does Homer drink on a regular basis?
What kind of tree is planted in the Simpsons back garden?
BLinky has how many eyes?
In Homer Badman what colour is the gummi Venus De Milo?
How many noticeable oddities does Krusty have on his chest?
Who voices Homer's long lost brother?
Comic Book Guy once dated whose mother?
In the Simpsons Movie which character does Homer first pretend his pig is?

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