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What is the code to Irene Adler's phone?She is a type A and B fan.
What profession did Richard Brook claim he was?It's on DVD.
Where was Henry Knight's father killed?The footprints of a gigantic hound.
What can you not do when at a crime scene?And don't get over-excited.
You... ripping my clothes off in a darkened swimming pool? [Finish quote].Did you see him blinking S.O.S ?
What was the assassin called in 'The Great Game' ?Found by Sherlock's Homeless Network.
What is Sherlock Holmes' address?Afternoon!
What song is James Moriarty's ringtone?So boring, isn't it?
What is John Watson's middle name?Well if you're looking for baby names...
Where did John hide Sherlock's cigarettes?He doesn't need them anymore.
What does Mycroft Holmes' name literally do?Come in, the kettle's just boiled.
Who gave John Watson their mobile phone?They've never really gotten on.
What does John say Sherlock should stick to instead of funny?He's a conductor of light.
Where does Mrs. Hudson say you shouldn't keep bodies?Thumbs in the fridge.
Who was Molly Hooper's date in 'The Great Game' ?He'll make you into shoes.
What did Sherlock want to be when he was a child?He has the mind of a scientist or a philosopher, after all...
Who did John go to the Chinese circus with?She was bound and gagged by the end of the date.
What game will John not play with Sherlock?It's not actually possible for the victim to have done it, Sherlock.
What's the name of the taxi driver in 'A Study in Pink' ?You know every street in London.
What was the name of the Kirsty Stapleton's rabbit?Like a fairy!
What building does Sherlock jump off at the end of the episode?Goodbye, John.
What is Lestrade's excuse for raiding Sherlock's flat?Are those human eyes? They were in the microwave!
Where did Sherlock find the Pink Lady's suitcase?Of course it had to be pink to match her coat.
What was the key to opening Irene Adler's safe?Shall I tell him?
What is the morse code which John finds in Dartmoor?Well, it wasn't exactly relevant in the end.
What does Sherlock prefer to do?Come at once, if convenient.
What is tattooed on the bottom of Soo Lin's heel in 'The Blind Banker' ?It's the mark of a Tong.
How many times has Kitty had her skirt re-hemmed?She's a type B fan.
Who helps Sherlock find the children in 'Reichenbach Fall' ?They're quicker than the police.
What did Sherlock say deer-stalker looked like?It has ears. It's an ear hat, John!

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