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Can you name the quotes from Disney's Enchanted?

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First part..finish the quote!Number of words
'Sire, do you like yourself?' 'What's..3
'It can't be a state' 'More like a..3
'you can do alot when you've got such a..5
'i'm handsome..4
'its the brave little princess coming to the rescue, I guess this makes you..4
'now you're beside me, and..5
'spiteful, vindictive, very large, but..2
'the steel beast is dead,peasants! I've set you all free!' 'Are you crazy?!'4
'why are you staring at me?' 'it's like you escaped from..3
'the pizza is..1
'reporting from..3
'that's the reason we need lips so much, for lips are..5
'is this a habit of yours?..4
'if only I can find a place to rest my head for the night, a nearby meadow or..3
'So what's the deal with this Prince of yours, how long you been together?' Oh..3
'he was on the bus this morning, he..4
'I want to go on a date' 'A date!!'..3
'he'll find a new way to show you..8
'and so, they all lived..3

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