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Can you name the My Little Pony FiM Characters Seasons 1 & 2?

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HintPony (or pet/zebra/donkey/etc)†First Appearance
Mustachioed Cider Making UnicornThe Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000
Arrogant Prince Rarity Meets At the Grand Galloping Gala**The Best Night Ever
Donkey Who's Attitude Reflects His NameA Friend in Deed
Unicorn Disc JockeySuited For Success
Administrator of PonyvilleFriendship is Magic Part 1
Ruler of the ChangelingsA Canterlot Wedding Part 2
Twilight's OwlOwl's Well That Ends Well
Cutie Mark Crusader ~ Earth PonyFriendship is Magic Part 1
The Pony of Pop From CanterlotA Dog and Pony Show
Captain of the Royal GuardA Canterlot Wedding Part 1
Colt From Trottingham in Ponyville to Celebrate His First Nightmare NightLuna Eclipsed
Photographer Then Editor of the Foal Free PressPonyville Confidential
Named for His Resemblance to a Character of a Popular BBC ShowCall of the Cutie
Unicorn Foal of the CakesBaby Cakes
Mousse Sculpting MuleMMMystery on the Friendship Express
Female Owner of Sugarcube CornerSwarm of the Century
Pegasus Foal of the CakesBaby Cakes
Taller Goofy School-Age ColtBoast Busters
Buffalo Who Hijacks the Train Car Containing Spike and BloombergOver A Barrel
Cutie Mark Crusader ~ Unicorn PonyCall of the Cutie
Oldest of the ApplesFriendship is Magic Part 1
A Tortoise That Rainbow Chooses as Her PetMay the Best Pet Win!
Applejack's CollieApplebuck Season
HintPony (or pet/zebra/donkey/etc)†First Appearance
Minotaur Who Teaches Ponies to be More AssertivePutting Your Hoof Down
Princess Celestia's PhoenixA Bird In the Hoof
Red Maned Filly With a LispCall of the Cutie
Mane 6 Pony: Element of LoyaltyFriendship is Magic Part 1
Clean Shaven Cider Making UnicornThe Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000
Zebra who Resides in the Everfree ForestBridle Gossip
Diamond's Snooty Best FriendCall of the Cutie
Cross-eyed Pony Who Got A Voice ChangeThe Last Roundup
Twilight's Old Foal SitterA Canterlot Wedding Part 1
Mane 6 Pony: Element of KindnessFriendship is Magic Part 1
Applebucking Earth Pony of Few WordsApplebuck Season
Mane 6 Pony: Element of MagicFriendship is Magic Part 1
Pinkie's Toothless AlligatorFeeling Pinkie Keen
Owner of Rich's Barnyard BargainsFamily Appreciation Day
Doodle's Long Lost LoveA Friend in Deed
Canterlot Doughnut Shop OwnerThe Best Night Ever
Rarity's Persian CatSuited for Success
Mane 6 Pony: Element of LaughterFriendship is Magic Part 1
Captain of The WonderboltsSonic Rainboom
Eclair Making Griffon With a French AccentMMMystery on the Friendship Express
Background Pony with Pink and Purple Mane: Name is French for CandyCall of the Cutie
Griffon With An AttitudeGriffon the Brush Off
'The Most Important Pony In Canterlot' ~ RaritySweet and Elite
HintPony (or pet/zebra/donkey/etc)†First Appearance
Mane 6 Pony: Element of HonestyFriendship is Magic Part 1
Wonderbolt Who Buys a Pie From ApplejackThe Best Night Ever
Cutie Mark Crusader ~ Pegasus Pony Call of the Cutie
Teacher in PonyvilleCall of the Cutie
Adventurous Book Character That Gets Rainbow to Start ReadingRead It and Weep
Younger Co-Ruler of Equestria*Friendship is Magic Part 2
Sheriff of AppleoosaOver a Barrel
Famous Fashion PhotographerGreen Isn't Your Color
Bratty Filly Who Edited the Foal Free Press for a Short TimeCall of the Cutie
Cello Playing Earth PonyThe Best Night Ever
Background Pony Who Often Appears with Bon BonA Canterlot Wedding Part 1
Boastful Travelling UnicornBoast Busters
Male Owner of Sugarcube CornerSwarm of the Century
Fluttershy's Pet BunnyThe Ticket Master
Applejack's Appleoosan CousinOver A Barrel
Shorter Goofy School-Age ColtBoast Busters
Twilight's AssistantFriendship is Magic Part 1
Draconequus That Causes Havoc Over EquestriaThe Return of Harmony Part 1
Famous Canterlot Fashion Designer Suited For Success
Older Co-Ruler of EquestriaFriendship is Magic Part 1
Chief of the Buffalo Tribe Near AppleoosaOver A Barrel
Mane 6 Pony: Element of GenerosityFriendship is Magic Part 1

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