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This starter pokemon is based cat and is a fire type
This starter pokemon is based on a sea lion or seal and is a water type
This starer pokemon is based on an owl and is a grass/flying type
This fire/dragon type is based on a snapping turtle and has a unique new move called shell trap
This water/psychic type has a never before seen ability called dazzling
This bug/fairy pokemon is very cute, as its name suggests
This woodpecker pokemon is the normal/flying type bird pokemon of the alola region
This mongoose pokemon is a pure normal type and has a yellow stripe down its back
This is the first normal/dragon type pokemon and is suppossed to be a grandpa
This psychic/steel type legendary is the mascot of pokemon sun and's type combination was highly unexpected
This electic/fairy type pokemon is the island guardian of melemele island
This steel/fairy type mythical pokemon is mechanical
This electric/steel type is the pikachu of the region and is called the roly poly pokemon
This pokemon is the first evolution of the region bug type line
This psychic/ghost type is the legendary mascot of pokemon moon and is based on a bat
This poison/fire type is called a bandit
This is the second stage bug line and is a bug/electric type and is a battery
This is the final stage in the bug line and is bug/electric type
This normal type pokemon is always sleeping and holds onto a log
This dog pokemon is a rock type and suppossedly has some connection to the starters
This grass type pokemon looks like a berry and is called a fruit pokemon
This normal/fighting type is feared to the point where warning signs have been put up around alola
This fairy type pokemon is a lea and is covered in flowers
This ground type horse is the evolution to a smaller horse and can be riden
This ghost/fairy pokemon is wearing a pikachu disguise
this bug/water type is based on a horseshoe crab
This grass type pokemon is a mantis and is a prevolution to another new pokemon
This grass type mantis is the evolution another mantis pokemon and is called the bloom sickle pokemon
This normal type is the evolution to a smaller mongoose pokemon and is one of the tiki pokemon
This rock/flying type is a meteor pokemon and can open up into its core
This ground type foal pokemon is a small horse or donkey
This flying type pokemon can have one of 4 types each one depending on the island its found on
This fighting type crab looks like water type yet is not
This little sandcastle is possessed because of its ghost/ground typing
This huge sandcastle is ghost/ground and is like the muk of the alola region
This normal/fighting type represents a stuffed animal, as it even has a tag

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