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Can you provide the four-letter words in this 'The Office' themed ladder?

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Hint4-Letter Word
____ Miller, a customer service representative for Dundler Mifflin
Someone's head
Something that completes a pair
A small piece
A short recording
____, a warehouse member that sometimes accompanies Dwight
A barrier that can be opened to allow things in
____ Lewis, an awkward and troubled former worker at Dundler-Mifflin that used to date Erin
The past tense of give
Hint4-Letter Word
To recover or prevent harm of something
Similar in characteristics
To calm or settle
A typically large and scholarly book
A sewn garment commonly worn in Africa over the shoulder
____ Flenderson, a human resources representative for Dundler-Mifflin
____ Dick, a large whale in a famous book written by Herman Meville
An informal word for a mobile telephone
Dwight Schrute's odd cousin that co-owns a beet farm with Dwight.

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