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Can you name the Saint Seiya all Saints?

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Bronze SaintPegasus
Bronze SaintDragon
Bronze SaintCygnus
Bronze SaintAndromeda
Bronze SaintPhoenix
Bronze SaintBear
Bronze SaintUnicorn
Bronze SaintHydra
Bronze SaintWolf
Bronze SaintLionet
Bronze SaintChameleon
Silver SaintEagle
Silver SaintOphiuchus
Silver SaintLizard
Silver SaintWhale
Silver SaintCentaurus
Silver SaintHound
Silver SaintCrow
Silver SaintPerseus
Silver SaintAuriga
Silver SaintCerberus
Silver SaintHeracles
Silver SaintMusca
Silver SaintCanis Major
Silver SaintSagitta
Silver SaintCepheus
Silver SaintLyra
Silver SaintCrateris
Gold SaintAries
Gold SaintTaurus
Gold SaintGemini
Gold SaintCancer
Gold SaintLeo
Gold SaintVirgo
Gold SaintLibra
Gold SaintScorpio
Gold SaintSagittarius
Gold SaintCapricorn
Gold SaintAquarius
Gold SaintPiscis
God WarriorPhecda
God WarriorAlioth
God WarriorMerak
God WarriorBenetnasch
God WarriorMegrez
God WarriorMizar
God WarriorAlcor
God WarriorDubhe
God WarriorPolaris
Marine GeneralMermaid
Marine GeneralSeahorse
Marine GeneralScylla
Marine GeneralLymnades
Marine GeneralKraken
Marine GeneralSiren
Marine GeneralChrysaor
Marine GeneralSea Dragon
Marine GeneralPoseidon

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