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Can you name the Cities, Islands, and Landmarks of Narnia

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Where King Lune lived
The country neighboring Calormen
A mound raised over The Stone Table
One of the Lone Islands
The Beavers lived here
Lord Bern lives in this town
Two battles were fought here
Golg's original home
One of the Seven Isles
Reepicheep found his coracle here
A castle... you don't need more explanation.
Shift lived by this pool
A country south of Archenland
Shift got oranges and bananas here
A war council was held here
Lord Rhoop lived here for a looong time
Lord Restimar remains on this island
One of the Lone Islands
Lord Octesian seems to have ended up here.
Giants live here
Most Northern of the Lone Islands
The island closest to Cair Paravel
This creek is near Cair Paravel
This river is in the middle of Narnia
Puzzle lives near here
'There dwell the Gentle Giants'
A punished star lives here
Lasaraleen lived by this lake
Where the Lamp-post is
A two-headed mountain
One of the Seven Isles
'To --- ,and the north!'
A large city on Doorn
A retired star lives here
A city on the island of Brenn
This river flows off of the Great River
Puddleglum lives in a marsh near this river
One of the four signs was to reach this city
It was almost named Lily Lake
The last battle was fought here
Where the bad weather in Archenland comes from
You have to cross it to reach Underland
The Tisroc (May He Live Forever) lives here
Emeth was from here
Caspian X's grandcestors from here
Aslan was sighted here
Ancient kings are buried here
Where Prince Rilian was imprisoned
It's wild and west, but there are no cowboys
Arrows should be straight, but this one isn't.

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