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Genre (Years active)ShowOriginal Network
Cartoon (1989- )FOX
Fantasy (1997-03)WB/UPN
Drama (1999-07)HBO
Drama (1999-06)NBC
Drama (2004- )ABC
Action (2001- )FOX
Sitcom (1994-04)NBC
Drama (2002-08)HBO
Sci-Fi (1993-02)FOX
Sitcom (1999-01)Channel 4
Sitcom (1989-98)NBC
Cartoon (1999- )FOX
Sci-Fi (2003-09)Sci-Fi
Sci-Fi (2002)FOX
Sci-Fi (2006- )NBC
Sci-Fi (2005- )BBC
Cartoon (1997- )Comedy Central
Sitcom (2003-06)FOX
Sitcom (2001- )NBC/ABC
Sitcom (1983-89)BBC
Fantasy (1999-04)WB
Drama (2002-08)FX
Sitcom (2001-03)BBC
Drama (1990-91)ABC
Cartoon (1999- )FOX/Comedy Central
Genre (Years active)ShowOriginal Network
Sci-Fi (1988-99/2009)BBC/Dave
Drama (2001-05)HBO
Sitcom (1975-79)BBC
Drama (1994-09)NBC
Drama (2006- )Showtime
Western (2004-06)HBO
Sci-Fi (1994-98)PTEN/TNT
Drama (2000- )CBS
Sitcom (1993-94)NBC
Action (2001-06)ABC
Sitcom (1995-98)Channel 4
Sci-Fi (1987-94)Syndication
Sitcom (2000- )HBO
Sketch (1969-74)BBC
Sci-Fi (2006-07)BBC
War (2001)HBO
Sitcom (1981-03)BBC
Sci-Fi (1966-69)NBC
Drama (1993-96/2006)ITV
Sci-Fi (1993-06)Sci-Fi
Drama (1998-04)HBO
Sci-Fi (1993-99)Syndication
Drama (2004-07)UPN/CW
Drama (2005-09)FOX
Sci-Fi (1989-93)NBC

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