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Can you name the greatest basketball school in the country?

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1940, 1953 Championship Location
1976, 1981 Championship Location
1987, (future 2012) Championship Location
1940, 1953 Championship Opponent
1976 Championship Opponent
1981 Championship Opponent
1987 Championship Opponent
1979 NIT Championship Opponent
1940, 1953 Championship Coach
1976, 1981, 1987 Championship Coach
Previous Coach's Nickname
Previous Coach's Middle Name
Current Head Coach
Current Assistant (last name)
Current Assistant (last name)
Current Assistant (last name)
First Head Coach
1924-1938 Head Coach - First All-American
First Ever Game Opponent (_____ University)
First Ever Victory Opponent (_____ College)
1975-76: Last _____ Team in NCAA
1976 National Player of the Year
1993 National Player of the Year - All-Time Leading Scorer
1940 Tourney Most Outstanding Player
1976 Tourney Most Outstanding Player
1981 Tourney Most Outstanding Player
1987 Tourney Most Outstanding Player
2nd All-Time Leading Scorer
3rd All-Time Leading Scorer
4th All-Time Leading Scorer
5th All-Time Leading Scorer
All-Time Leading Rebounder
2009 BigTen-ACC Challenge Opponent
1940: Represented _____ Conference (Not Big Ten)
First African-American Player (1948)
First African-American Head Coach
1953 Game-Winning Free-Throw Shooter
AD Who Hired Coach Knight
Player Who Recorded First Triple-Double (1971)
First Win Over #1 At Assembly Hall Opponent (2001)
Previous Game Game-Winning 3-Point Shooter
1976 Graduate and Pacers Commentator
2008-2009 Big Ten Victory Opponent
2009 Indiana Mr. Basketball
Current Player From Illini Country
Tijan's Country
2011 5-Star Indy Prospect
Played In Front of Largest High School Crowd in History
“Basketball really had its origin in Indiana, which remains the center of the sport.” Who said it?
Formerly Known As Midnight Madness

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