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Game intro telling about the humans and monsters war
When naming the fallen human
When meeting Flowey
During various encounters with Toriel
When walking through the Ruins
When entering the joystick config. menu during spring or fall
During the battles accompained by Toriel
During the independence test of Toriel
During normal battles
During Napstablook's miniboss fight
During the game over screen
In Toriel's home
When you turn off the lamp in Toriel's home
During Toriel's boss fight
During Sans' encounter in Snowdin Forest
During multiple Papyrus' encounters
When traversing Snowdin Forest
When entering joystick config. menu during winter
When Dogi are seeking for you
In the place whit a mysterious door
During Greater Dog miniboss fight
When traversing the town
In various shops
In Papyrus boss battle
When initiating Papyrus' date
During the tense part of Papyrus' date
During the final part of Papyrus' date
When Sans talks with you about Echo Flowers
When Papyrus meets with Undyne in Waterfall
When Undyne notes your presence
When traversing Waterfall
When Undyne chases you
During peaceful places of Waterfall
When you fall into the Garbage Junk
When the Small Bird carries you over a gap
When you fight Mad Dummy
In Napstablook's House
The 1st cd in Napstablook's House
The 2nd cd in Napstablook's House
The 3rd cd in Napstablook's House
While feeling like garbage in Napstablook's House
Playing Thundersnail
Wem Emterin... TEM Vilege!!!!
Wem yu r at da Tem Shop
When Undyne tells you a history, but she don't tell
In Undyne's pacifist battle
In the front of Alphys' Lab
When meeting Alphys
Before playing Mettaton's game
While playing the Mettaton's quiz show
While traversing Hotland
When entering joystick config. menu during summer
While fighting enemies in Hard Mode
In Cooking with a Killer Robot
In the jackpack sequences of Metatton's program
When RG 01 confesses to RG 02
In Mettaton's TV show, while searching for something to report
While defusing bombs in Mettaton's TV show
While fighting Muffet
While fighting So Sorry
During Undertale: The Musical
During the color tiles puzzle part of Undertale: The Musical
When having dinner with Sans
In the bridge between MTT Resort and The CORE
While traversing the CORE
When initiating the final Mettaton's battle
When you press Mettaton's button
In Mettaton Ex's boss fight
When Metatton announce that he'll left the Underground
When you go to the last elevator (why is this in the soundtrack?)
While traversing Asgore's Home
This is an unused song for Sans fight
When Sans judges you
When Asgore see you
When entering The Barrier
Before Asgore's battle
While fighting Asgore
Before Photoshop Flowey's boss battle
In the 1st phase of Photoshop Flowey's boss battle
In the 2nd phase of Photoshop Flowey's boss battle
When Sans calls you after a neutral route
In front of Undyne's House
While traversing the True Lab
When fighting the Amalgamates
When your friends save you from Asgore
When your friends save you From Flowey
In the 1st phase of Asriel Dreemurr's boss battle
In the 2nd phase of Asriel Dreemurr's boss battle
In the 3rd phase of Asriel Dreemurr's boss battle
When you know the history of Asriel and Chara
When Asriel breaks The Barrier
When you say that The Barrier was broken to all your friends
When entering the menu after fighting Asriel
When you and your friends go to The Surface
While you see the Undertale cast
When you fight the Special Thanks
Before Undyne the Undying's boss fight
While fighting Undyne the Undying
While fighting Metatton -NEO-
While fighting Sans
When you do a neutral route in Undertale Demo

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