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'Just a regular flower.'
'Knows the best for you.'
'A cotton heart and a button eye, You are the apple of my eye.'
'Professional frog.'
'Braver every day.'
'Backup dancer.'
'Can't decide on a face. Can't see friend from foe.'
'Reformed bully.'
'Popular nutricionist.'
'This cobrafied carrot has a headful of tasty snakes.'
'Casually enjoys life.'
'This messed-up clownbug thinks battle's a performance.'
'Spooky DJ.'
'The easiest enemy, can only deal 1 damage.'
'He like to say 'Nyeh Heh Heh!''
'Semi-succeful comedian.'
'Fashion designer.'
'Christmas display.'
'Has his own seeing eye dog.'
Finally no. 1 nose nuzzle champions.'
'Found a loving owner.'
'Refuses to give more details about its statistics.'
'Excited by life's changes.'
'Looks like free EXP.'
'Paranormal Investigator.'
'Idyllic life on the beach.'
'Legendary janitor.'
'Calmed down... Just a bit.'
'Wipe that smile off your face.'
'Meowing into primetime.'
'Released her first hit single, 'When You Say Goodbye It's Like Magical Bullets Are Slowly Flying Out of Your Mouth And Hitting Me.'
'The heroin that NEVER gives up.'
'Heroine reformed by her own DETERMINATION to save Earth.'
'Tra la la.'
A yellow dinosaur
'His metal body renders him invulnerable to attack.'
'Encouraging space heater.'
Finally confesses (what!? I don't!!)
'Candle in the world's largest birthday.'
'Spider succes with a new bakery.'
'This creature is definitely in the wrong time and space!'
'Art lets your wildest fantasies come to life!'
'Use your imagination.'
'Giving life its own meaning.'
'The long battle finally ending...'
'Domineering glasses seller.'
'Street magician.'
'Taking a well deserved nap.'
'Seriously, his metal body is invulnerable!'
'Dr. Alphys's greatest invention.'
'Living with their families.'
'A little white dog. It's fast asleep...'
The Underground king
The son of the king
'Greetings, it's me, _____

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