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Can you name the Napoleon Bonaparte facts?

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When was Napoleon born?
Where was he born?
What child was he in order of oldest to youngest in his family
When young he hated what country a lot?
What part of the French Forces was he in first
What was his first minor siege?
What was his first major campaign?
What was his second major campaign?
What admiral defeated Napoleon's fleet of the coast of Egypt and Spain?
At what date was Napoleon crowned Emperor of France?
What was Napoleon's favorite Victory?
What major Russian city was burned to deprive the starving Grande Armée
What was Napoleon's major defeat in Russia?
What brother did Napoleon make the vassal state of Westphalia for which of his brothers?
Who did Napoleon put in charge of Spain?
What island was Napoleon first exiled to?
What French King fled from Paris after Napoleon returned?
What was Napoleon's last major battle?
What was the Prussian General in that battle?
What was the British General in that battle?
What island was Napoleon finally exiled to?
When did Napoleon die?

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