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Who was the First U.S. President?
Famous Frankish king...
Son of Philip of Macedon
Capital of the Ottoman Empire, (they didn't have it at first)
Inventor of the telephone
Disease that FDR suffered from...
The man who conquered England in 1066
The battle Giza was by which historic landmark?
What German Chancellor said Germany should not fight on two fronts?
What battle did 300 Spartans hold off thousands of Persians for a long time?
What was Napoleon's last battle?
What faction was credited with the invention of the phalanx?
What county did the Netherlands revolt from?
The founder of the Mughal Empire was a decedent of the founder of what Dynasty?
What were the most famous Russians from the Steppes.
The French-Spainish fleet in Napoleonic times was defeated by which admiral at the battle of Trafalgar?
What man invented the high heels?
What country featured the Winged Hussars
'The sun never sets on the _______ Empire'
The Hawaiian Islands were first known as what?

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