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What does Bobby Bottleservice put on his lips?
Bobby knows he cannot fight the tides of _____
Name one thing Bobby will buy with his Jersey Shore winnings?
What will Bobby's future child be named?
Why doesn't Bobby use derogatory terms for breasts?
What doesn't Bobby respect about the guys from the Jersey Shore?
Finish the Quote: I cover my mouth when I speak cuz like ______ (5 words)
Who does Bobby ignore?
What is Bobby's website
What are Bobby's two loves?
Why is the arrow pointed in the incorrect fashion?
What does the t-shirt for Snooki say?
Why does Bobby like the 'Am I as cute as a baby' t-shirt?
What is the best t-shirt you can wear?
Why does Bobby respect his father?
What does Bobby like to buy T-shirts of when at Ed Hardy?
What kind of vokka does Bobby like best?
In order, name all the words Bobby uses to summarize himself?
What does Bobby have his favorite vokka with?
What do they say about beauty according to Bobby?
What does Bobby say to women when he meets them?
What question does he ask the women next?
What dolphin would Bobby most like to swim with?
Where would Bobby go to swim with the dolphins?
Where would Bobby go to have dinner on his ideal date?
What food would he share with his ideal date for dinner?
What would Bobby do for a girl?
What does Bobby put on his omelets?
Name one of Bobby's jobs.
Where would Bobby take a girl traveling to?
Why does Bobby do HR at HR Block
Why doesn't Bobby give out his business card?
What magazines does Bobby think he saw the internet ladies on?
Who does Bobby get emails from?
Name all Bobby's friends
What do they say about the last of Bobby's friends?
What company does Bobby work for?
Who is Bobby's boss?
Who is Bobby's sidekick?
Name one of the things Bobby draws on his notepad during the Ed Hardy Boyz series?
Why does Bobby like that girl's eye makeup?
What does Ed Hardy Apts have 365 degrees views of?
Where are the apartments cinderblocks from?
What should you do as a pregnant person according to Bobby?

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