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Who is the creator of the universe?
one answer 
Where is a Hindu holy site located?
one answers 
What is a main religion of South Asia?
two possible answers 
What is a characteristics of a slum?
five possible answers 
Why do slums exist?
two possible answers 
How would one describe the language, religion, and ethnicity in South Asia?
one answer 
Who used to own India?
one answer 
What is an effect of slums?
six possible answers 
What is the main physical feature of South Asia?
one answer 
What is a consequence of a two-country solution for India?
five possible answers 
What does Turkey want to do to the Euphrates River?
one answer 
What is a type of lifestyle in the Middle East?
five possible answers 
Where is a high density of Muslims?
two possible answers 
What is the dominate ethnicity in the Middle East?
one answer 
What is another word for the declaration of faith in Islam?
one answer 
What do the Muslims call their main pilgrimage?
one answer 
Why does the Middle East have a lot of money?
one answer 
What is a stereotype of Muslims and the Middle East?
five answers 
What is the Salah?
one answer 
Where do people get their misconceptions of the Middle East from?
seven answers 

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