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state of the atmosphere at a given time and place
Force of air against a unit of area
Instrument used to measure air pressure
amount of water vapor in the air
instrument used to measure wind speed
instrument used to find wind direction
iinstrument used to measure the amount of rainfall
large section of the atmosphere with the same tempertaure and humidity throughout
moving boundary line between two air masses
boundary ahead of a warm mass that is pushing out and riding over a cold air mass
boundary aheadof a cold air mass that is pushing out and wedging under a warm air mass
cold area of high air pressure
warm area of low air pressure
line on a weather map connecting areas of equal air pressure
powerful wind storm with a whirling, funnel-shaped cloud and extremely low pressure
severe tropical storm with high winds that revolve around an eye
average weather of a region over a long period of time
a line on a weather map connecting areas of equal temperature

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