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positive charge
negative charge
neutral charge
move around outside of protons
contains more than 99% of the atom's mass
Number of protons
total numbers of protons and neutrons
atoms of the same element that have diffferent numbers of neutrons
electrons in an atom as moving around the nucleus in an area
# of energy level in K
# of energy level in L
# of energy level in M
# of eenrgy level in N
An element has an atomic number of 33. how many protons does it have?
An element has 26 protons. What is its atomic number?
An element has 6 protons and a mass of 12. How many neutrons does it have?
matter that has only one kind of atom
the smallest particles of a substance that can still have the properties of the substance
the building block of matter
If an element has 4 protons and 5 neutrons, its mass number is ?
the mass of particle is much less than protons and neutrons
tiny particle that is similiar to a proton in size
an object that is built to explain how something else looks or works
A hydrogen atom has 1 electron. In which level is it?
A zinc atom has 30 electrons. To what level are its electrons found?
O- #P 8, #E 8 Mass# 16 What are numbers of neutrons?
Iron- Mass#56 P-26 What are numbers of N?
Na- Atomic# 11 E-11 N-12 What are numbers of P?
Ca- P-20 E-20 N-20 What are mass#?
Au- P-79 mass# 197 E- 79 What are numbers of neutrons?
Cu- P-29 N-35 E-29 What are atomic number?
Ag- P-47 N-61 atomic# 47 mass# 108 What are numbers of electrons?

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