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Had solo debut 2016Infinite
Has a nickname including SatanExo
Pretends to be a ratKnk
Has her legs insuredGirls day
Used to have the stage name AJBeast
Someone in Infinite loves herKara former
Extremely clever and can speak englishBts
Used to be the maknae in her group before they got a new memberRed Velvet
Left her group in 2015F(x) former
Debut in 2007 and a child actress - Tied with bias 6Kara former
The older twin in their groupBoyfriend
Made fun of because of his heightSeventeen
Old bias in group but left early 2015 after two members left year beforeExo former
The best friend of the first bias in this quizShinee
The quiet one in his groupVixx
Acted in a drama as a drummer in 2016Teen top
In a the same drama as the bias above but as a singerCnblue
Was in WGM with a member from a SM ggBtoB
Had some drug controversies in 20142ne1
Cutie of the group - friends with a Got7 memberMonsta X
This person was in a drama with another group member and acted with IU2PM
Has a deep voice and the rapper of the LTE rap is in his groupBAP
Maknae of the group with SMTM4s winner iniKON
In a show called hitmaker and is the maknae of her group4minute former
Trained for the longest in this rookie gg - debuted in 2015Twice

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