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Can you name the One Piece characters according to the description?

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Mugiwaras' crew capitain.
The pirate hunter
The black legg
The cat burglar
The Cyborg
The devil child
The cotton candy lover
The Soul King
The Sogeking
Luffy and Ace's adoptive mother
The man known as 'red haired'
Zoro's childhood friend who shared with him the dream of being the strongest swordsman in the world.
Sanji's adoptive father
Nami and Nojiko's adoptive mother
Luffy's father
The girl who was Usopp's friend on Syrup Village
Whale who was Brook's friend
Doctor who was Chopper's master
Nico Robin's mother
The first pirate capitain defetaed by Luffy who owned an iron mace
The clown pirate capitain
Fishman who killed Nami's mother
The captain of the Black Cat Pirates
he is infamously known as Pirate Fleet Admiral and is the main antagonist of the Baratie Arc.
The world's greatest swordsman
The Baroque Works' former leader
The former king of Dressrosa who was defeated by Luffy
Fishman pirate who as a shichibukai
The creator of Oars who owned Thriller Bark
The Snake Princess or Pirate Empress
The Surgeon of Death
The Whitebeard Jr.
The Tyrant or PX-0
He is known as Blackbeard
Her true name is Charlotte Linlin and she loves eating
The world strongest beast
The admiral who killed Ace
The admiral known as Borsalino
A blind admiral Luffy met in Dressrosa
Luffy's very first friend who is currently a marine captain
The first marine captain defeated by Luffy known as 'Axe Hand'
The 'Axe Hand' son
Luffy's grandfather
A current vice-admiral who ate the smoke smoke fruit
A marine swordswoman that Zoro met in Loguetown
Ex-admiral who is currently in Blackbeard's crew
The God defeated by Luffy in Skypiea
The two giants founded by the mugiwara's crew in Little Garden
Cp9 member defeated by Zoro
Cp9 member defeated by Nami
Cp9 strongest member who was defeated by Luffy
Cp9 member defeated by Sanji
Another Cp9 member defeated by Luffy
Cp9 member defeated by Chopper
Cp9 member defeated by Franky
Cp9 Leader hurted by Luffy, Robin and Franky
The second princess of Dressrosa and Rebecca's aunt
Rebecca's father
Sanji's biological father
Sanji's sister
Scientist who made tests on children in Punk Hazard
Child who is a Wano's shogun Son
The Mermaid princess Luffy meets on Fishman Island
The Princess of Alabasta
The king of Alabasta
An Old female doctor who was with Chopper whem he met Luffy and his friends
Luffy's brother who is a member of the Revolutionary Army
The pirate known as Whitebeard
Whitebeard crew member better known as 'The Phoenix'
The son of Gol D. Roger
The king of pirates
Ace's mother
Foosha Village barwoman who was friend of Luffy and Shanks

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