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hazardous exposure to a drug in 'large' amounts that does not cause harmful effects when consumed in smaller amounts
the dose of a drug that lies between the minimal and maximal doses for the drug
a dose that kills
a dose that will kill 50% o the animals that take it
which one of the five drug schedules can not be refilled without a new prescription and cannot be called in via telephone
Which one of the drug schedules cannot be prescribed and includes LSD and heroin
Which drug schedule which includes hydrocodone with APAP may be called over the phone
the 'intrinsic ability' or ceiling effect which is the ability of a drug to produce a desired therapeutic effect is called what?
the concentrations of two or more drugs which produces the same drug effect
the term for a drug producing 50% of the maximal effect
category of drugs (schedule) which includes diazepam, lorazepam, triazolam, alprazolam, and chloral hydrate
an acquired tolerance from repeated exposure to a stimulus
decreased response to a drug following chronic use

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