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Can you finish this quiz all about World at War and Black Ops Zombies

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Zombie MapNight
Zombie MapAsylum
Zombie MapSwamp
Zombie MapFactory
Zombie MapTheatre
Zombie MapPentagon
Zombie MapCosmodrome
Zombie MapLighthouse
Zombie MapTemple
Zombie MapSpace Station
Zombie MapBus Route
Zombie MapExplosion
Zombie MapSkyscraper
Zombie MapAlcatraz
Zombie MapUnderground
Zombie MapTrenches
Zombie MapApothicon City
Zombie MapAwaken the Test subjects
Zombie MapCastle
Zombie MapIsland
Zombie MapCity on Fire
Zombie MapGenesis
DLC Map PackBO1 DLC1
DLC Map PackBO1 DLC2
DLC Map PackBO1 DLC3
DLC Map PackBO1 DLC4
DLC Map PackBO2 DLC1
DLC Map PackBO2 DLC2
DLC Map PackBO2 DLC3
DLC Map PackBO2 DLC4
DLC Map PackBO3 DLC1
DLC Map PackBO3 DLC2
DLC Map PackBO3 DLC3
DLC Map PackBO3 DLC4
DLC Map PackBO3 DLC5
Wonder WeaponPorter's X2
Wonder WeaponDG-3 JZ
Wonder WeaponZeus Cannon
Wonder WeaponWinter's Fury
Wonder WeaponHyena Infra-Dead
Wonder WeaponLazarus
Wonder WeaponThe Fractalizer
Wonder WeaponMax/Porter's X2
Wonder WeaponThrustodyne
Wonder WeaponPurple Slime
Wonder WeaponThe Sweeper
Wonder WeaponVitriolic Withering
Wonder WeaponPorter's
Wonder WeaponPetrifier
Wonder WeaponUll's Arrow
Wonder WeaponBoreas' Fury
Wonder WeaponKagatsuchi's Blood
Wonder WeaponKimat's Bite
Wonder WeaponEstoom-oth
Wonder WeaponVoid, Lightning, Wolf, and Fire
Wonder WeaponMasamune
Wonder WeaponMaelstrom of Eris
Special WeaponArch Ovum
Special WeaponFly Trap
Special WeaponGravity Spikes
Special WeaponKeeper Skull
Special WeaponBaby Whelp
Misc. WeaponSilverware
Misc. WeaponKiller Punch
Misc. WeaponRevive Stick
Misc. WeaponControl Arachnids
Misc. WeaponControl Dragons
TacticalClap Clap Boom
TacticalProject Mercury
TacticalBoom Boom Boom
TacticalOut of Thin Air
TacticalDéjà Vu
TacticalAerial Overkill
TacticalKiller Baby Squid
Crew Name1.0 Crew
Crew NameTranZit Crew
Crew Name2.0 Crew
Crew Member (1.0\2.0)The German
Crew Member (1.0\2.0)The American
Crew Member (1.0\2.0)The Russian
Crew Member (1.0\2.0)The Japanese
Crew Member (TranZit)The Competitive
Crew Member (TranZit)The Hobo
Crew Member (TranZit)The Mental
Crew Member (TranZit)The Nerd
Main CharacterThe Duck
Main CharacterThe Harbinger
Main CharacterThe Father
Main CharacterThe Little Girl
Secondary CharacterSubject 2-6
Secondary CharacterThe Orb
Secondary CharacterRockets
Secondary CharacterScavenger
Secondary CharacterFalling Man
Perk A ColaExtra Strength
Perk A ColaFast Reload
Perk A ColaQuicker Fire Rate
Perk A ColaMedic
Perk A ColaExplosion Resistance
Perk A ColaTravel Faster
Perk A ColaHead Shots
Perk A ColaMore Weapons
Perk A ColaGrave Robber
Perk A ColaChase Yourself
Perk A ColaKiller Reload
Perk A ColaSee Through
Perk A ColaPersonal Bubble
Power-UpHandheld Killer

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