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Can you answer 100 questions about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 correctly?

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Who does Yondu look like? 'You look like ____ _______.'
On which planet do the Guardians crash land on?
Which actor played Ego?
Peter Quill is half-Terran. What is the other half?
What character besides Rocket is shown to understand Groot at the end of the movie?
Who was responsible for Meredith Quill's cancer?
Who is Peter Quill's dream father figure?
Which actor played Stakar?
Which character most dislikes dancing?
Which actor voiced Baby Groot?
What was the last song that played on Quill's walkman before it was destroyed?
How many times did Nebula defeat Gamora before their encounter at Ego?
Which actor played Nebula?
Who was Peter Quill's 'daddy'?
Which actor played Mantis?
Which song plays when the Guardians arrive at Ego's Planet?
Which character unwillingly begins the mutiny against Yondu?
'You don't have to believe in yourself, because I believe in you!' Who is Drax referring to?
How does Quill describe his relationship with Gamora?
Which song was on the Awesome Mix Vol. 2 but wasn't used in the movie?
What is Peter Quill's first line in the movie?
When did Drax's father tell the story of impregnating his mother?
When Rocket says 'I love this song', he's referring to which track?
Drax constantly avoids using Rocket's aero-rigs because it hurts his _______.
Where were the Guardians originally going to after leaving the Sovereign?
What 80's toy does the device Quill use to track the Abilisk closely resemble?
When Gamora says Rocket isn't a fox, he says he's also not a ______.
On which planet does Howard the Duck appear?
What kind of tape does Drax ask Quill if 'will do'?
During Quill's flashback, there was a take from the first movie involving which other character?
Which character from the first movie is mentioned several times but doesn't appear?
How many things does Baby Groot fetch before coming back with the fin?
What did Gamora think David Hasselhoff was called?
'You don't know anything about me, loser'. Who is Rocket referring to?
Who inherits Yondu's Yaka Arrow at the end of the movie?
Who's the 'guy' Rocket sees in outer space after all the Sovereign ships are destroyed?
Who takes the decision to take off without Quill at the end of the movie?
What are the beings who appeared beside Stan Lee called?
Who is the first character to suspect something's wrong with Ego?
During the credits, only one character refuses to dance. Who is it?
What is the first thing Peter Quill makes with the celestial light?
Who stops Taserface from killing Yondu and Rocket?
Who is the only character to use the 'F' word?
Which TV show does Quill mention when describing his relationship with Gamora?
'We're in an old piece of construction equipment Yondu used to slice open the ___ __ _________'.
What is the full name of the character Ayesha is creating on the third post-credits scene?
What kind of asteroid field do the Guardians need to go through to escape the Sovereign?
What does Peter Quill see when his eyes are filled with stars?
At which establishment did Ego and Meredith park the car during the prologue?
When Gamora and Nebula were children, Gamora 'wanted to win'. What did Nebula want?
How many times does Mantis use her empathic abilities?
What is the name of the ship Yondu, Rocket, Kraglin and Baby Groot escape on?
How many songs does the Zune have?
Who listens to the Zune for the first time alongside Peter Quill?
Which character has the last line in the movie (before credits scenes)?
Who played Rocket on-set, before the voice and CGI were added?
What was Drax's wife called?
Who was the only character to be knocked out during the battle with Ego?
What's the name of the band that performed 'Guardians Inferno'?
Who says the line 'We are Groot'?
According to Gamora, either Rocket or Quill could have flown through the asteroid field, had they flown with what?
In order to destroy the Sovereign fleet after the generator blows, which character provides energy?
The movie is set in which calendar year?
How many times did Baby Groot nearly press the wrong button on the bomb?
Which actor played young Peter Quill?
What does Drax call the Anulax batteries?
How many jumps did Rocket and Yondu do to arrive at Ego?
Who did the motion capture for Baby Groot's opening dance?
What does Quill call Nebula when they reunite? 'What's _________ doing here?'
What did Ego use to call Meredith?
'Get ready for a 800-foot statue of Pac-Man with Skeletor and _______ ________'.
What was Taserface's second name choice, according to Rocket?
What is the name of the Sovereign pilot whose ship is destroyed by Drax?
How many members of Yondu's Ravager faction survived the movie?
Who was the composer for the movie's score?
Who else laughs at Taserface's name, besides Rocket?
Which TV show involved David Hasselhoff and a talking car?
Who do the Ravagers plan on delivering Yondu to?
At which stage of Mantis' life did Ego find her?
What does Quill say he'll do to Rocket? 'You put your turd in my bed, I _____ you!'
What does Rocket call Peter Quill at Berhert?
The scene where Gamora escapes Nebula's aerial attack is a nod to which classic movie?
What does Yondu receive in the movie's final scene? 'The ______ __ _____ will never flash over your grave'
Which important character from the comics had cameos in both films, without a line in either?
When Rocket winks, it was meant to be behind whose back?
Which actor voiced Mainframe?
Besides Earth, which other planet is shown being consumed by Ego?
Which color was prominent in the first movie, but mostly avoided in Vol. 2 according to James Gunn?
'You people have issues.' Which character says this line?
After Quill's flashback, what does he say to Ego as The Chain starts playing? (10 words)
How many relatives of James Gunn appear in the movie?
Who was the only character from other Marvel movies to have a cameo in this film?
What does the logo on Peter Quill's T-shirt translate to?
The movie has one continuity error within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Which character is this error related to?
What's the name of the red alien sorcerer that appears with Stakar's team at the end?
Which character is played by Michael Rosenbaum?
What's the name of the Ravager who defended Yondu and is shown being frozen to death?
What's the name of the establishment Yondu is first seen in?
Which character who appeared in the first movie is shown nearly escaping Ego's blob on Earth?
What is Nebula's species?

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