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Can you name the answers to the following questions from the book 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince'?

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What colour is the man in the portrait's wig?The Other Minister
Apart from Yaxley, the Carrows, Greyback and Lucius who does Snape specify did not try to find The Dark Lord?Spinner's End
When Harry is packing his bag he has to screw the lid back onto a jar. What does the jar contain?Will and Won't
To whom does Slughorn introduce Ambrosius Flume?Horace Slughorn
How much does a 'Metamorph-Medal' cost?An Excess of Phlegm
What are the side-effects of the Patented Daydream Charms?Draco's Detour
What are Slughorn's initials?The Slug Club
In total, how many points does Snape take from Gryffindor?Snape Victorious
What book does Hermione drop into her bag when reprimanded by Snape?The Half-Blood Prince
Ogden uses two spells in the Gaunt house. What are they?The House of Gaunt
Where does Stan Shunpike live?Hermione's Helping Hand
What object does Ron recognise, leading to an altercation with Mundungus?Silver and Opals
Who has chicken pox?The Secret Riddle
Which two Slytherin players are too sick to play Quidditch?Felix Felicis
What drink does Romilda Vane offer Harry?The Unbreakable Vow
Who succeeded Scrimgeour as Head of the Auror Office? A Very Frosty Christmas
Flitwick gives Seamus lines. What does Seamus have to write out?A Sluggish Memory
What are the three Ds, in order?Birthday Surprises
His name isn't Bibble or Buggins, it's...Elf Tails
According to Voldemort, what is engendered by envy and spawns lies?Lord Voldemort's Request
What was scheduled for 21st April?The Unknowable Room
Name something Slughorn and Hagrid toast to apart from Harry?After the Burial
The Fat Lady pretends the password has been changed, what was the password?Horcruxes
In the Room of Lost Things a stuffed creature can be found, what creature?Sectumsempra
What does the Lightning-Struck Tower card mean?The Listener Overseen
How many goblets of the potion does Dumbledore drink?The Cave
What two things does Greyback smell of, apart from blood (obviously)?The Lightning-Struck Tower
Harry hits Amycus with a spell. What spell?Flight of the Prince
What two Borgin and Burkes items did Malfoy use to sneak the Death Eaters in?The Phoenix Lament
Hermione can only think of two people with R.A.B initials. What do their As stand for?The White Tomb
Bonus: Which Chapter name - in the Chapter column is (slightly) wrong?-

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