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Can you name the answers to the following Harry Potter questions from the book 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire'?

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What is the name of the pub in Little Hangleton?The Riddle House
What Quidditch book is Harry reading?The Scar
What British newspaper does Mr. Dursley read?The Invitation
What spell does the Ton-Tongue Toffee use?Back to The Burrow
What is Ludo Bagman's brother's name?Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes
Where is the Portkey hidden?The Portkey
Who is the head of the Goblin Liaison Office?Bagman and Crouch
Name a Bulgarian beaterThe Quidditch World Cup
Where did Hermione read about the Dark Mark?The Dark Mark
What non-wizard part-human did Rita Skeeter want 'stamped out'?Mayhem at the Ministry
What does the sign over the entrance to Hogwarts say to muggles?Aboard the Hogwarts Express
What colour bow tie is Peeves wearing?The Triwizard Tournament
When does Trelawney think Harry was born?Mad-Eye Moody
What job does Ron get in SPEW?The Unforgivable Curses
In which year did a cockatrice go on a rampage?Beauxbatons and Durmstrang
What is the shellfish stew that Fleur takes from the Gryffindor table?The Goblet of Fire
What did Moody mistake for a basilisk egg?The Four Champions
What spell causes teeth to grow at an alarming rate?The Weighing of the Wands
What does Hermione mistakenly call a 'Wonky Feint'?The Hungarian Horntail
What dragon does Fleur get?The First Task
What do Madame Maxine's horses drink?The House-Elf Liberation Front
Whose nose is off-centre?The Unexpected Task
Who is hiding in the bushes with Stebbins?The Yule Ball
What product did Hermione use in her hair?Rita Skeeter's Scoop
What statue can be found near to the Prefects' Bathroom?The Egg and the Eye
What book gives instructions for growing nose hair into ringlets?The Second Task
Who is 'Harry Potter's Secret Heartache'?Padfoot Returns
How many bottles of Butterbeer does Winky go through daily?The Madness of Mr. Stand
Who do Harry, Ron and Hermione meet in the Owlery?The Dream
Which body is Barty Crouch Jr. brought before?The Pensieve
What is the answer to the riddle of the Sphinx?The Third Task
Which hand does Wormtail cut off for the potion?Flesh, Blood and Bone
What did Voldemort combine with snake venom to make a potion to restore him to human-like form temporarily?The Death Eaters
What spell does Harry use in his duel with Voldemort?Priori Incantatem
How was Barty Crouch Junior subdued by his father?Veritaserum
What is the prize for winning the Triwizard Tournament?The Parting of the Ways
What wizard card game does Harry play on the train home?The Beginning
Bonus: Which Chapter name - in the Chapter column is (slightly) wrong?-

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