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Which was more popular in England and Wales in 2013: the full name or the nickname?

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QuestionFull name (FN) or nickname (NN)?
Grace or Gracie?
William or Billy?
Matilda or Tilly?
Mary or Molly?
Alexandra or Lexi?
Katherine or Katie?
Francesca or Frankie?
Reginald or Reggie?
Eve or Evie?
Sarah or Sally?
Tobias or Toby?
Zachary or Zack?
Albert or Albie?
Rose or Rosie?
Alfred or Alfie?
Charles or Charlie?
Frederick or Freddie?
Dorothy or Dolly?
Josephine or Josie?
Edward or Teddy?
QuestionFull name (FN) or nickname (NN)?
Madeleine or Maddie?
Philippa or Pippa?
Constance or Connie?
Louis or Louie?
Margaret or Maisie?
James or Jamie?
Eleanor or Ellie?
Thomas or Tommy?
Francis or Frankie?
Jacob or Jake?
Penelope or Penny?
Anne or Nancy?
John or Jack?
Ronald or Ronnie?
Isabella or Bella?
Archibald or Archie?
Henry or Harry?
Elizabeth or Elsie?
Abigail or Abbie?
Robert or Bobby?

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