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What does Karen put in the burning boat?
What does brooke try to shoplift?
What is the name of Chris and Haley's duet?
Where do Lucas and Anna have their first kiss?
Who wasn't in the first episode?
What is Brooke's second clothing line?
What state is one tree hill set in?
What is Peyton's website called?
Who does a commercial for body spray?
Where does mouth go in Texas in season 4?
Who plays the role of the record store owner named max?
Who does Jamie have a crush on?
What is chase's disgusting drink called?
Where is Lucas's tattoo?
What is the song Ellie dies listening to?
What kind of ring does clay propose to Quinn with?
During what event does Haley go into labor?
Who's pregnant in the series finale?
What's Jamie's jersey number in the series finale?
What heart condition does Lucas have?
Holiday. Holiday. It's the best day. The _______ day.

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