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Patient is supine, hip/knees neutral, moving patella from side-to-side
Patient is supine, legs crossed in figure 4, place pressure on knee of crossed leg
Patient is supine, hip flexed, knee flexed at 90 degrees, apply pressure over lateral femoral condyle and extend knee
Patient is prone, patient asked to passively flex knee (will cause ipsilateral hip flexion)
Hip flexed, knee flexed at 90 degrees, tibia drawn forward
Foot is dangling over chair, knee flexed, foot is inverted and palpated at lateral ankle
Patient is supine, gently dorsiflex foot and palpate/elicit pain at posterior calf
Hip flexed, knee flexed at 30 degrees, tibia moved anteriorly vs. femur
Patient is prone, gently squeezing gastrocnemius muscle, testing for Achilles rupture
Patient is supine, straight leg raise
Straight leg raise + dorsiflexion of toes or putting head to leg
Knee flexed at 90 degrees, foot plantarflexed at approximately 20 degrees. draw talus forward
Patient is supine, patient asked to flex knee and bring knee to chest and hold
Compressing tibia and fibula at mid-shin area to elicit pain
Hip flexed, knee flexed at 90 degrees, tibia pushed posteriorly
Patient is sitting, asked to bring one knee to their chest and try to touch toes on the other side
Patient is sitting at the edge of the chair, knees flexed, patient asked to extend one knee (and will cause patient hold themselves up with their arms)
Patient is supine, hand over quadriceps and patient asked to contract quadricep muscles
Patient is supine, grasp heel and place other hand over knee joint, apply IR/ER and flexion/extension forces (meniscal injuries)
Hip flexed, knee flexed at 90 degress, observe for posterior 'deflection' of tibia
Patient lying on their side, flex knee, abduct leg and extend hip
Foot is dangling over chair, knee flexed at 90 degrees, stabilize tibia with one hand and externally rotating foot with the other
Patient is supine, one leg dangles over chair, patient asked to flex knee, bring to chest and hold
Percussing nerve causing paresthesia distally

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