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Long half life, slower acting (propionic acid)
Nephrotoxicity (acetic acid)
Short half life (propionic acid)
Reversible tinnitus (salicylic acid)
Contraindicated with cystitis and UTI (propionic acid)
Selective for COX2, extremely long half life (oxicam)
Associated with Reye's syndrome/hepatic encephalopathy (salicylic acid)
Strong analgesic, 100x more potent than ASA
May induce asthma (salicylic acid)
Closure of patent ductus arteriosus in newborns (acetic acid)
Some selectivity for COX2, slower acting (acetic acid)
Some selectivity for COX2, faster acting (acetic acid)
Sparingly metabolized by liver (propionic acid)
Provides gastric mucosal cytoprotection (acetic acid)
Long half life, faster acting (propionic acid)
No antipyretic effects (salicylic acid)
Causes uterine contraction (acetic acid)

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