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Can you name the Antimicrobials, its classes and functions?

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Vancomycin (Inhibitor of ____, general function)
Allylamines (Inhibitor of ____, specific enzyme)
Azithromycin (Drug Class)
Azoles are effective against _____
Examples of OTC Undecylinic Acid
Penicillin (General Drug Class)
Griseofulvin (Disrupts assembly of ___ ___, function)
Erythromycin (Drug Class)
Nystatin is effective against _____
Cephalosporin (General Drug Class)
Sulfamethoxazole (____ Antagonist)
Active Compound of Flucytosine
Ketoconazole (Drug Class)
Lamisil (Drug Class)
Sulfamethoxazole (Drug Class)
... Clavulanic acid/Clavulanate (Inhibitor of ____)
Beta Lactam (Inhibitors of _____, name the process)
Linezolid (Inhibitor of ____, be specific)
Nystatin (Drug Class)
Nystatin (Formation of ____, function)
Chloramphenicol (Inhibitor of ____, be specific)
Aminoglycosides (Inhibitor of____, be specific)
Ciprofloxacin (Inhibitor of _____, name the process)
Ciclopirox Olamine (___ metal ions, altering membrane permeability)
Azithromycin (Inhibitor of ____, be specific)
Trimethoprim (____ Antagonist)
Monobactam (General Drug Class)
Miconazole (Drug Class)
Allylamines are effective against _____
Ciprofloxacin (Drug Class)
Erythromycin (Inhibitor of ____, be specific)
Griseofulvin (Inhibitor of ___ ___, general function)
Flucytosine (Inhibitor of ___ ___ synthesis, in general)
Examples of Ciclopirox Antifungals
Allylamines (Inhibitor of ____ synthesis, in general)
Azoles (Inhibitor of _____ synthesis, in general)
Itraconazole (Drug Class)
Examples of OTC Tolnaftate
Carbapenem (General Drug Class)
Tetraycyclines (Inhibitor of____, be specific)
Cloxacillin (Drug Class)
Bacitracin (Inhibitor of ____, general function)
Clotrimazole (Drug Class)
Azoles (Inhibitor of _____, specific enzyme)
Amoxicillin (Drug Class)
Clindamycin (Inhibitor of ____, be specific)
Clindamycin (Drug Class)

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