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___, you were like a father to me.Ethan Tremblay
Holy _____, it's like i'm traveling with a child!Ethan Tremblay
If i miss the birth of my own child, i'm gonna choke you out with your own _____.Peter Highman
What about the dog? Does he have ________ to?Border Crossing Agent
I despise who you are on a _______ level.Peter Highman
My father loved ______, and now we enjoyed him as ______.Ethan Tremblay
I have a __________ memory.Ethan Tremblay
Because he's ____ Peter.Ethan Tremblay
You got anymore ___?Charlie Harper
Do you have a hairdresser out west? I just got this ____ and it needs some major upkeep.Ethan Tremblay
My father always had a saying, 'When a day starts like this, it's all _____ from here.'Ethan Tremblay
Hand me that ___ and I will cut it in half.Peter Highman
You better _____ yourself before you wreck yourself.Ethan Tremblay
How have you not run yourself over in a ___?Peter Highman
Then don't take me to ______ House!Ethan Tremblay
Why are your father's _____ in a coffee can?Peter Highman
Im not naming my child after a ____________ dog.Peter Highman
I know who Shakespear was, he was a famous ______.Ethan Tremblay
Do you like hotdogs? I once at a foot-long corndog on a ____ beach. I'll never do that again.Ethan Tremblay

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