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Innocent Light
Good Natured, Struggles With Temper
Defensive At Times, Means Well
Covering Up What's Broken
Decisions Are Torn With Life
Open Minded and Hard Worker
Fire In Her Mind
Blood On Ivory Keys
Quiet Everyday Person, Yet Miserable
Rageful, Emotional Imbalance, Grief Stricken
Fragile As Ice
Nervous Soul, Two Voices Within
A Father Not Mine
Little Female Who's Kinda Bitchy
Dumb and a Little Derpy
I Just Want Home
Childlike and Curious With Playful
Loving Brother, Yet Timid
The Cat's Meow
Embarrassed Bundle Of Awkward
Wary Of Being Around Girls
Will Sell Body For Food
The Courage Is There
Distant And Keeps To Herself
Brotherly, Strong, Fierce
Secrets Hidden For Too Long
Insanity, Sex & A Side of Bloodshed
Small With Ledger of Blood
Quiet, Tolerant, Helpful
Wit Beyond Measure
Unforgiving Monster, Loving Mother
Secretive But Loyal To Family
King of Hell
Sweet Without The Sour
Teacher Are Banned From Infirmary
Knight, Strong Loyalty And Caring
The Champion Is All
Deep Blue Slumber
It's My Day
Loving Mother, Distrustful Of Strangers
Fabulous and Flamboyantly Flawless
Clever Thief, Loyal To Family
English Gentlemen, Wise, Protective Sometimes

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