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Who are the RA's of DP4
Name the four men of room 408
What sorority are Shelby and Sydney in?
What were the names of Sara's hamsters?
What show do we watch on ABC family at 12am
Fill in the blank: 'Have You...'
Shelby's Nickname
Brandon's Nickname
Establishment with the best music and breakfast food
Before I drink a tall glass of...
What's Melanie's Nickname
What Fraternity is Kenny in?
Who is the floor president?
What does Jack volunteer for?
Whats Taylor's Favorite position?
Who's Sara's BFF?
Who is from Bolivia?
Who is the most ripped on the floor?
Name the twins on our floor
Who is freaked out by conversations in the bathroom?
Who leaves her **** everywhere?
What was the first song that Joe Play at Funk N' Waffles
the second one...
and the last?
I know!
Whose taller? Josh or Sara
What noise does Taylor make
What does Josh hate?
Who is Shelby's favorite Cuse BBall player
#1 on the team
I'm sorry Ms. Jackson
What was Billy stuck to the couch in?
What was Billy sprayed with in the lounge?
Who moved into Rodney's room?
Matt's favorite sports team?
Who are the boys from Long Island
Brians Ab Workout
Honorary Member of DP4 who lives off campus
Who is the Squidward of the floor?

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