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Just enough informationName
Is aromatic and found in aspartame
Glutamic acid is changed to this a.a. in sickle cell anemia
Has only 2 carbon atoms
Is +1 charged at pH = 2, but uncharged at pH = 7
Is the first amino acid of all synthesized proteins
In Jurassic Park, the dinosaurs were genetically altered so to not produce this a.a.
Is a secondary amine
Is the largest a.a.
Is hydrophobic and has a chiral beta carbon
Gets its name from a spring vegetable
Just enough informationName
Has the most nitrogen atoms
Is also a neurotransmitter
Has 3 carbon atoms and 3 oxygen atoms
Is often found linked through three covalent bonds
Is hydrophilic and had a chiral beta carbon
Has the lowest pKa value of a side group
Has the second smallest side group
Has a peptide bond and a total of 5 carbon atoms
The most boring a.a. ever
Has an aromatic ring and a hydroxyl group

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