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Can you name the terms or phrases with an ape used in that term or phrase?

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HintTerm or Phrase
An album created by the Black Eyed Peas, which includes songs like 'Pump It'. It is also known as a long running TV Show
An active band that has it's most famous song known as 'Feel Good Inc.'
A type of grenade used in the game 'Call of Duty World at War' in the game Nazi Zombies
Someone who's occupation consists of mostly repairing automobiles
A computer programmer known for writing up cryptographs
A substance used to stick different types of wood together inside and outside
A documentary series that focuses on a certain type of monkey which is held on Animal Planet
A type of knot used for melee weapons by sailors or even keychains
HintTerm or Phrase
A band who's best hits are known as 'When the Sun Goes Down' and '505'
A cartoon show that has a 40 foot tall purple gorilla and travels with a canine around the country side
A central hockey league team that has started in 2003 and still continues today. The area the team plays is in Texas
A science fiction movie where their spaceship lands on an unknown planet as they find monkeys that are able to talk
Pokemon that have the name of an ape-like name are...
A rapper that has a famous hit known as 'Echo'
The name of three fictional characters that were in a comic and acted much like different types of apes
A book that was made into a movie based on an monkey-friendly man who lived in the jungle and was hunted down by poachers

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