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Are you a loyal ONCE? Answer these hard questions!

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Nayeon's nickname (most frequently used one)?
Jeongyeon's sister is older or younger than Jeongyeon?
Momo's favourite food since she came to Korea?
No Sana, __ ____
Jihyo's birth name?
Mina's last name?
Dahyun's famous dance before debute?
Chaeyoung's birthday? (yymmdd)
Tallest member?
Who's the first to sing in all MVs?
Twicecoaster Lane 2 2nd track (in English)?
QuestionYour answer
Page Two 3rd track?
Who was in Got7's A MV?
Name of the OTP of three Japanese members?
Sana's self introduction, “I am the _____ ____ of Twice”.
How many music show wins Cheer Up got?
TT release date? (yymmdd, like 160101)
Knock Knock first day YouTube view? (correct to nearest million) (in terms of Xmill)
When did Tzuyu kissed Nayeon that she promised to do so? (yymmdd)
Twice official colour? (Leave a space between colours)
Daesang won in 2016 MAMA award?

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