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★Just For Fun Editor [First Rung] [Last Rung]★1
Percussion instrument2
Unit for 1/8 of an ounce3
Unit of mass4
Finishing school5
A stick to drive cattle6
Well done7
Too much make-up8
Corner chess piece9
★Music Editor [10th Rung] [24th Rung]★10
Pile of hay11
Name of an ancient trade route13
Nutrition drink14
Semiaquatic animal15
Gum often uses this16
Baseball glove17
Man or boy20
6.02 x 10^2321
Fungus on spoiled food22
Valuable element23
★Music Editor [10th Rung] [24th Rung}★24
Dog-like animal25
Dog noise26
What termites eat27
A crucifix28
Part of a house29
Walk around30
Puffy substance31
A trick32
Put down harshly33
A lamp35
Upper part of the hipbone37
International Institute on Aging38
Ancient South American settlement39
2.54 centimeters40
Uncomfortable feeling41
★Just For Fun Editor [First Rung] [Last Rung]★42

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