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QUIZ: Can you name the 4-letter words in this Mel Brooks themed word ladder?

Quiz Updated Dec 4, 2013

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๏Received a ____ on the Hollywood [Rung 20] of [Rung 28] in 2010๏1
Char the surface of2
Connery, Kingston, e.g.3
Capital of the Shannxi province, in English4
Stop, Yield, No Entry e.g.5
Show relief6
๏Brooks directed this 1977 Film: '____ Anxiety'๏7
Hefner, Laurie, e.g.8
Be quiet!9
Slang for your bum10
Daniel who hosts a Comedy Central internet-mocking show11
Throw a ball around12
Oodles and oodles13
๏He won three ____ Awards in 2001๏14
Not huge15
Prong of a fork16
Piece of a mosaic17
Short story18
Blabber to others19
๏Received a [Rung 1] on the Hollywood ____ of [Rung 28] in 2010๏20
The one in China is 'Great'21
A rib, like that on corduroy fabric22
Crafty trick23
Female spouse24
๏Mel was awarded the AFI ____ Achievement Award in 2013๏25
Tropical citrus fruit26
Descriptor of a pathetic excuse27
๏Received a [Rung 1] on the Hollywood [Rung 20] of ____ in 2010๏28

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