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Can you name the 4-letter words containing missing words from Bon Jovi's 'Livin' on a Prayer'?

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♫♫♫ Missing Lyric ♫♫♫1
Bring under control2
♫♫♫ Missing Lyric ♫♫♫3
♫♫♫ Missing Lyric ♫♫♫4
Lion or horse hair5
Psych term describing a verbal operant6
♫♫♫ Missing Lyric ♫♫♫7
Display on the wall8
Director Fritz9
♫♫♫ Missing Lyric ♫♫♫10
Set apart11
♫♫♫ Missing Lyric ♫♫♫12
♫♫♫ Missing Lyric ♫♫♫14
♫♫♫ Missing Lyric ♫♫♫15
Tired; fatigued16
♫♫♫ Missing Lyric ♫♫♫17
Labor; task18
♫♫♫ Missing Lyric ♫♫♫19
Finn, sailed the Mississippi20
♫♫♫ Missing Lyric ♫♫♫21
Be short of22
Has an aglet at its tip23
Clean with water24
♫♫♫ Missing Lyric ♫♫♫25
Segment; train route26
Prong on a fork27
Turner, Louise, Brown, e.g.28
♫♫♫ Missing Lyric ♫♫♫29
Arizona river; type of monster30
Festive event31
Samoan currency32
♫♫♫ Missing Lyric ♫♫♫33
Horseshoe part34
Baby animal; part of a leg35
♫♫♫ Missing Lyric ♫♫♫36
Location of portraits37
Barrier; New York street38
♫♫♫ Missing Lyric ♫♫♫39
Actress Tuesday40
Open country with hills41
♫♫♫ Missing Lyric ♫♫♫42
Middle of a bagel43
♫♫♫ Missing Lyric ♫♫♫44
Raise an anchor45
Bees' residence46
♫♫♫ Missing Lyric ♫♫♫47
Mocking remark48
Comedian Kaplan49
Sweetie, hottie50
♫♫♫ Missing Lyric ♫♫♫51
A fool52
Talks too much53
South African Bureau of Standards54
♫♫♫ Missing Lyric ♫♫♫55
8/11 and 11/2356
Black birds57
Early sunlight58
♫♫♫ Missing Lyric ♫♫♫59
Freshly cut60
1969 landing sight61
Bugs Bunny, Roger Rabbit, etc.62
Greater or less64
♫♫♫ Missing Lyric ♫♫♫65
♫♫♫ Missing Lyric ♫♫♫66
Sharpen a knife67
♫♫♫ Missing Lyric ♫♫♫68
Tooth-shaped rock69
____land pony, sheep, e.g.70
♫♫♫ Missing Lyric ♫♫♫71

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