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Can you name the Twisted Metal 2 Character by his/her ultimate wish?

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Character's WishCharacter's NameEnding
'The strength to face my father who bound me in this hellish contraption over thirty years ago.'
'We demand that you give us the ability to fly.'
'Accelerate the process, do whatever it takes to make people die faster!'
'Help me to build my tower. Help me to build my dream.'
'I demand that you let me see my brother!'
'To become a bug in a tiny little garden out in the country'
'They all call me crazy. They all say I'm insane, but I'm not. I know this isn't real. None of it is. I know it's all a dream. Please, Calypso, help me.'
Character's WishCharacter's NameEnding
'I am not here for a prize, Calypso. It is I who have a gift for you.'
'Make me famous. Make it so the entire world knows my face.'
'I want to go faster than anyone ever has. As my prize, give me the ability to drive at the speed of light.'
'Give me the body of a twenty year old.'
'You stole my powers, Calypso, 11 years ago by stripping me of my birthrights. Now it's time to pay the price.'
'I want to rule the world. I want to be in charge of it all. I want to be king of the earth!'
'Hold me, Daddy. I'm just a machine now, but I'm scared the explosion will hurt.'

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