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QUIZ: Can you name the Red Dead Revolver Multiplayer Characters?

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Row (Left to Right)Character NameSpecial Move
TopDynamite Self-Explosion
TopSnake Oil Spew
TopLock-On Knives
TopVenomous Pistol (Six Shooter)
TopRock Throw
TopNitroglycerine (Knives)
TopLock-On Knives
TopBurning Shotgun (Sawed-Off Shotgun)
TopBurning Pistol
TopLock-On (Pacificador)
TopExplosive Shotgun (Escopeta)
TopBarrel Throw/Charge
TopBarrel Throw
TopBurning Rage
TopVenomous Claws
Row (Left to Right)Character NameSpecial Move
MiddleLock-On (Widowmaker)
MiddleBarrel Throw
MiddleExplosive Shotgun (Random)
MiddleIce Bottles
MiddleExplosive Shot
MiddleExplosive Arrows
MiddleNitroglycerine (Sawed-Off Shotgun)
MiddleLock-On (Twin Showstoppers)
MiddleForged Cards
MiddleDiving Pistol Shot
MiddlePiercing Rifle
MiddlePick-Pocket Knives
MiddleGatling Gun
MiddleVenomous Arrows
Row (Left to Right)Character NameSpecial Move
BottomVenomous Pistol (Widowmaker)
BottomLock-On (Revolver)
BottomSticky Bomb
BottomCannonball Flares
BottomHot Coffee
BottomBurning Shotgun (Lion Shotgun)
BottomShort-Fuse Dynamite
BottomLock-On (Widowmaker)
BottomExplosive Rifle
BottomLock-On (Inquisitor)
BottomHealth Regeneration
BottomFaster Bullets
BottomExplosive Knives
BottomLock-On (Revolver)
BottomLock-On (Inquisitor)

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