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TaglineMovie Title
. . . A Bomb Plot . . . A Killing . . . Justice
The guest who's dead on time
A tennis star plays a match with murder!
If you knew what he knew -- what would you do?
If a woman answers . . . hang on for dear life!
Love held its breath as sudden terror held the stage!
WANTED by the police in all the luxury spots of Europe! . . . A catch for any woman!
A 2,000 MILE CHASE . . . That blazes a trail of TERROR to a gripping, spine-chilling climax!
A little knowledge can be a deadly thing!
Handcuffed to the girl who double-crossed him
See and Hear It - Our Mother Tongue As It Should Be Spoken
Alfred Hitchcock engulfs you in a whirlpool of terror and tension!
Somewhere . . . somewhere there must be the right man!
Exploring the blackness of the subconscious man!
Just an ordinary necktie used with a deadly new twist
Each time they kissed . . . there was the thrill of love . . . the threat of murder!
Thief . . . Liar . . . Cheat . . . she was all of these and he knew it!
In deadly danger . . . because they saw too much!
The Maddest Love that ever possessed a woman
It tears you apart with suspense!
Six men and three women - against the sea and each other
. . . And remember, the next scream you hear could be your own!
The shadow of this woman darkened their love

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