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Hall of Fame 1972
1996 World Series Champion
Also American League President/1947 World Series Champion
Pitched a Perfect Game in 1999
Also won a World Series with the Red Sox
'Deep to Left...'
Gave up Hank Aaron's 715th home run
Hit over .400 in 1978 World Series
Also a YES Network analyst
Hall of Fame 1974
Also coached at Ole Miss
Yankees Manager (2008-present)
Hall of Fame 2008
'Louisiana Lightning'
Caught last out of the 1996 World Series
Hall of Fame 2009, all-time stolen base leader
'El Duque'
'Mr. October', Hall of Fame 1993
1996 World Series Champion
1996 World Series Champion
Pitched the first Perfect Game in Yankees history
Australian Pitcher
Starred in Game 5 of the 1961 World Series
Replaced Don Mattingly at first base
2009 World Series MVP
Player in 1982, coach from 2000-2003 and 2006
Manager from 1990-1991
General Manager from 1991-1995
Trainer from 1973-2011
'The Count'
Fake to third, fake to first pickoff move
'The Warrior', also a YES Network broadcaster
Three-time All-Star and Gold Glove Award Winner
Played from 2004-2007
Played on 1977-78 team, also coaches 1996-2004 and managed the Mets
1960 World Series MVP
'Mick the Quick'
Hall of Fame 2014, manager from 1996-2007
Perfect Game 5-17-1998
1977-78 World Series Champion Outfielder
Manager 1992-1995

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