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originating from China, known as an 'eater of dreams' in Japan that has the body of a tapir, feet of a tiger and the trunk and tusks of an elephant.
from European and Middle Eastern folklore, a venemous snake with several deadly qualities including bringing death by touch, eye contact, and breath.
from American folklore, a rabbit with deer antlers who can imitate the human voice.
its name means 'goat sucker.' It is from the Americas and it has fangs and usually large red eyes.
from Celtic mythology, a female messenger spirit and omen of death. It wails a piercing cry that can shatter glass.
The famous Giant lumberjack from American folklore. He has a blue ox named babe who is similarly large.
a sacred bird in many Native American cultures, it pulls clouds together with each beat of its enormous wings causing storms.
a water sprite from Japanese folklore, It has green scaly skin, webbed fingers and toes, and has a fluid filled depression in it skull.
In Jewish folklore, a human shaped creature fabricated from clay and animated by having a magical or religious word written on its forehead.
Originating in legends from Norway and northern Scandinavia, a colossal sea monster the size of a small island that can pull vessels under the waves and cause powerful whirlpools.

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