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Where Are the Trotter Family Based?Town In London
What Is The Pub Called?_______ Head
What is the Car del boy drivesThe car has 3 wheels
What is Del boy's son called666
Where do they go for the jollyboys outingSeaside Resort
What is Rodney's wife calledWorks for the bank
What is Rodney's Middle NameThere mother was a big fan of the team
What sort of burger does rodney buy grandadHe does'nt like this dairy product
What are the famous words said by uncle albertSunk every ship he's ever sailed on
What is triggers jobWorks for the council
What is the name of the gangster brothersOnes a Dwarf
What does boycie sellTries to sell them to del boy all the time
What is the hotel called where they stay during the jollyboys outingMiss Creswell
Who is there school friend who del fearsChief Inspector______________
'This Time Next year we'll be _________' Famous words said by Del Boy

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